Meet Female Graduate Who’s A Taxi Driver In Abuja

This is not the regular Ice Cream and Shawarma girl. Asakpa Aghogho Susan is a graduate of Accountancy from the University of Nsukka. She went job hunting after graduation and after months of combing the streets with no job to show for it, she decided to be self-employed.
Today she is a cab driver in Abuja. Read her interesting story…

Her friend wrote: Susan is a cab driver in Abuja. Yes, you heard me. She’s a woman cabbie who’s breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes.
An accountant who refused to stay home after graduation, she went job hunting. When that didn’t work, she created one for herself. She discussed her plans with her father and with his help, got her car and started business.

“At the end of the month, I make more than my colleagues in those accounting firms that pay peanuts There are times when people turn down her services because she’s a woman. They believe a woman cabbie is a joke. Some believe she can’t drive as well as a man. Some men and women often tell Susan to go home or find a “ladylike” job like sewing clothes or selling jewelry.
But Susan doesn’t let that faze her. Each day, she straps on her seatbelt, shifts the gear stick into drive and accelerates into life.